So honored to be returning for a second year to speak at the Youth Ocean Conservation Summit, hosted by the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium this Saturday!

Meet Artist Ryan Sobel, one of our Youth Ocean Conservation Summit Art as Advocacy Panelists!

Ryan was born and raised in a suburb just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. He has always had an interest in nature and the arts. Having always been a wildlife painter, he began by painting the creatures he saw in books, later painting those which had inspired him during real life experiences.

Ryan wanted to combine his two great passions, the ocean and art, into one, in hopes of inspiring others to care about the planet we live on. So, he began to paint scenes inspired by the world which lies beneath the waves. His artwork brings awareness to the beauty, yet fragility, of our seas to people living near the coasts, as well as those living inland, some hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean.

Ryan seeks to show others the world as he sees it; for in his words, “If I can lead someone to see beauty in mere dyes and brushstrokes on a canvas, then possibly they will see that this fascination is real; just waiting to be discovered by each and every one of us everywhere around us.”

To learn more about Ryan, his work, and our other amazing Art as Advocacy Panelists, vista! ‪#‎YOCS14‬